Monday, October 24, 2005


We arrived in London, where we stayed at a pretty old and fancy hotel called "The Gore". It was within a few short miles of the main square, so we decided to walk wherever we went.
(Above) Here we stand in front of the Queen Victoria-built Albert Memorial monument in London's famous Hyde Park. The park is absolutely gargantuan in size, spanning something like 350 acres. I went on a 4 1/2 mile run through it, and ended up doing like an extra two or so miles on top of that because I got so lost in it. AND I ended up getting bitten by a dog for my troubles in the process. AND it started raining while I was wandering around disoriented! Yes . . . it was a fun run. In the pictures above, we're already both starting to look a little the worse for wear (me a bit more though) . . . and we hadn't even gotten to India yet.

Here we are (above) standing in front of the "Big Ben" clock . . . The pictures look like they were Photoshopped, I know (especially the one on the right) but, believe it or not, that's simply the way they came out.
Here I am above sitting on a statue of a lion in the main town square area. The photo itself fails to do justice to the true size of the statue. It was situated atop a marble rise, and one had to climb quite a bit just to get to it.
Above and below are some photos I took of Ted while atop a double decker bus, and at a restaurant (respectively). As whoever other film and photography geeks who might be looking at this web log can probably tell by looking at these two photos, I'm a big fan of dirtying up the framing of my compositions.

Here (above) I stand before the gates of the . . . of the . . . sheesh . . . I fogot WHAT the name of this place was. Anyway . . . it's famous, so maybe somebody looking at this will be able to tell where it was. It's where those royal london guards or whatever stand up and . . . don't smile or something . . .


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