Monday, October 24, 2005

Amber Fort

What can I say that I haven't said already? This fort (just outside of Jaipur) was another in a series of amazing and far reaching works of expansive grandure. Some areas were full with touristic visitors, and others seemed to be little known and traveled through jewels that Ted and I just happened to discover.Frik And Frak To The Rescue . . .
(Above) The electrical wiring of the fort was a bit faulty, so the management sent two of its most trusted and talented engineers to fix the problem (click on the picture itself to get a closer look at these two highly skilled employees as they work diligently in the background to fix the fort's cable system).

(Above) A rare moment of smiling captured on camera. Besides the general energy of the composition (I don't remember what I was smiling at so profusely) I really like the birds captured in midflight in the background.
(Above) The detail that covered this ornate wall tapestry was quite amazing. As you can see, Ted is obviously quite impressed with it.

We liked the abstract nature of this one photograph above. The silhouette, the contrast, the blurriness . . . it all makes for what we felt was an interesting enough composition.
(Above) Ha! This was a moment we couldn't pass up. The entire group was more than happy to accomodate for the photographic opportunity. That's Ted way in the background smiling from ear to ear.
This (above) was on our second visit to Amber Fort, where we discovered a cavernous array of winding hallways that, for a little while anyway, we actually got a bit lost in.
Meet "The Bad Guy"
Ted (Above) looking every bit like one of those cool villians in those action adventure movies that takes place somewhere overseas - like Bagdad or something.

Talk To The Hand!Police brutality India style. This was me just before getting brutally beaten by this sixty five year old India guard. . . . Okay . . . Just kidding. Actually what happened was that I had left my water on the ground for a moment while I took a photo of Ted, and, upon returning to pick it up, found it no longer in the spot where I had originally left it. I looked around, and saw that this police man had picked it up, so I approached him and explained to him what had happened . . . and he pretty much let me have it with regard to his duties as a custodian of the people . . . and of the fort. I thought it was great! (so did Ted! He saw the whole thing, and thought it was a great moment to capture on camera) I apologized profusely (all of which, I think, fell on generally deaf ears), was given my water back with a stern warning (none of which I could understand anyway since the man was speaking with a very, very thick, heavilly broken accent), and continued on my way.


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