Monday, October 24, 2005

Jaipur Journies

This was yet another riskha driver we rode with throughout our stay in the country. While we encountered enough of them that were a slight bit less than - how shall we say - completely honest, this one combined the inherent tendency that all riksha drivers we came across in India seemed to have (to be very, VERY focused on the amount of rupees they could get out of you) with (what at least seemed to be) a genuinely good and humanitarian personality. Ted and I took to him well enough in the short time that we were in his stay.
He took us to a mausoleum of sorts that housed many Indian kings and royalty of the like.

Here are a few photos - above and below - while we were on a bus to who knows where . . . One thing that was very much noticed while in India: The males, though generally traditional in there attire, wore pretty much whatever they wanted. The females, however? ALL were very, very traditionally robed. Never did I see a female with anything other than the traditional dress required by the tenants of whatever religion they belonged to (Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, etc).
(Above) . . . Muslims and Hindus . . . side by side.
(Above) Hey . . . Had to get a shot of a camel. I mean come on! It was India! Again, there was all kinds of animal life everywhere in this wonderful country.
Ted standing (above) in the middle of a conjested area of town the morning of yet another one of our fort/temple/museum jaunts.Not long after the picture I took of Ted above, this lad pulled out a rusty, medium sized bucket, and began taking what I believe amounted to about as much of a shower as he had to take given his circumstances; right there in the middle of everything, and just before beginning to set up shop for the day - right in the same spot. In my goings on in the country - and with all the limitations that I encountered everywhere - I cannot say that there wasn't something about the conditions themselves the inhabitants found themselves in that I didn't find, in some way, very liberating. While this might sound absolutely ridiculous for anyone aware of the extent of dire poverty in this land, there was a pervaiding simplicity which (of necessity, granted) caused one to worry pretty much only about the essentials in life. Again, the country tended to focus you ONLY on what was really, really important (or at least it did me).
(Below) "Moo" We rule.
(Above) Cows absolutely OWNED India. They were everywhere - plopped down EVERYWHERE. And they would look at you like "Yeah? And?" I thought it was great.
Above, Ted stands next to the largest single piece of silver in the world.
(Above) Getting ready for a celebration.
(Above) Our facination with the symbol of the swastik continues.
(Above) "Hail Hitl..." Okay just kidding. Here we came across a group in marching protest. The already heavilly conjested traffic arrived at a complete stop for a while due to this particular procession.
This (above) is a picture of . . . well . . . two Indian women having a conversation while covered under a motor riksha. Ted took it, and I liked the colors in it, so . . .


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