Monday, October 24, 2005

Child Of God

Okay. Here's the story behind this one. Ted and I were riding in a motor riksha to Amber Fort just outside of Jaipur. We had stopped at a light, and, as was the usual custom during these moments, various individuals would come out and beg for change, for food, etc, etc . . . Facinated as we were by just BEING in this land, Ted and I didn't really tend to divert our eyes or look away from the people, but, instead, would simply make direct eye contact with them - and ocassionally give them a few rupees. On this particular ocassion, Ted was so busy dealing with the people on HIS side, that he hadn't bothered to worry about what was happening on mine . . . So taken aback by this child's energy was I, that I grabbed Ted and motioned to him speechlessly. It was too late, however, as the light we were sitting at had turned and our motor riksha had started moving. I had taken a photo or two of the child, however, and showed Ted what it was that had me in such a state. Upon seeing the photo, Ted pretty much fell back in the same way I had, and we resolved ourselves to, at the end of our multi-hour long trek through the ruins and forts of the day, go back exactly through the same route, and see if we could find the small child again. Fortunately for us, we did.

Very little about this child's natural radiance and beauty made sense to me. Here I stand (or sit, rather), in absolute, bewildered confusion.
I finally came to my senses, however, and managed to pose for the camera . . .


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