Monday, October 24, 2005

Taj Ganj

This was just this amazingly, awesomely beautiful kid that was watching Ted and I as we went into a shop to recharge his digital cameras. There were various people looking at what we were doing with interest, and Ted decided to take some photos. One was of this kid and I. He was a bit nervous, for, although - as you might be able to see in the photo - my eyes themselves were "smiling" (he was a cute kid. I was glad to take a picture with him), I myself was most definitely not. Afterward, I went to go say "danyavad" to him ("thank you" in hindi) . . . and he was nowhere to be found! He was like a small rabbit that ran away from sight! I went to go look for him, and I saw him hiding from me behind his elders. He was laughing and smiling, but running away in stark nerveousness all the same. I finally just bowed down to him, and he did the same to me. Ted and I were then back on our way.

Whoo Rah!
Semper Fi, baby! Above, Ted does as good a job as can possibly be imagined of looking every bit like the eight hundred pound gorilla of a marine this poor little stray cat of a bicycle riksha driver was most definitely feeling he actually was. Can you believe this guy was peddling UPHILL at times with Ted on this riksha?? He was sweating and wheezing and seeming like he was going to cough up his lungs and fall over dead on the spot from the stress of it all, but he trudged on through. All for something like a dollar fifty in rupees.
(Above) Had to take a picture with the Indian elephant that just happened to be passing by.
Here we were, Ted and I, seated at a restaurant after a day's journey through town. It had very colorfully painted walls, and we thought it wouldn't be the worst place to take a photo or two at.
(Above) Ted in yet another one of his (uncomfortably realistic) portrayals as a life-long prison inmate . . .

The Taj Mahal
(Above) Hey! Who needs a post card?? We have THIS picture!!

Here we are (above and below respectively) in yet another grand mugal fort - this one only a few miles away from and overlooking the Taj Mahal itself. You can see it lying in the distant background of both pictures (although a little more clearly in the bottom photo).


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